Security Through Innovation
A collective of cross-functional professionals driven to solve technical challenges that threaten security.


We take inventory of holistic security postures, identify areas for improvement, and design sophisticated infrastructure to help our clients achieve their ultimate security goals.


Today’s interconnected environment demands a strong, secure communications plan. Ncyber develops state-of-the-art communications products and deployment strategies. We understand the threats, and know the mitigations.


Hard problems require innovative solutions. We constantly explore new ways to equip our clients with advanced technology needed for the future.


While others search for the needle in the proverbial haystack, our data scientists are tasked with finding the sharpest needle in a pile of needles. We work with unique, multi-faceted datasets and extract meaning that drives actionable decisions and outcomes.


The work we do is extremely challenging and rewarding – fitting for those who prefer to be busy and constructive. Ncyber employees are talented and engaging, our office is beautiful, and our benefits are top-notch. Our client base and related tasking are unique to us, setting us apart from all tech companies in our industry.

If you want something different and think you have what it takes, contact us.


Our ideal candidate has relevant work experience, an extensive portfolio, and proficiency using modern web technologies to create data-driven applications. We are hiring for both junior and senior roles.

Expertise in any of the following:

  • Native Android development in Java or Kotlin
  • Native iOS development in Objective-C or Swift
  • Frontend web development, preferably with React
  • Experience developing RESTFul web services with microframeworks, such as Flask, SparkJava, Sinatra
  • Networking fundamentals, such as common protocols, network structures
  • SQL and/or NoSQL databases. ElasticSearch
  • Fundamentals of cyber security
  • Linux, Git, Command-line tools, AWS


Our ideal candidate has intermediate to advanced experience developing system utilities for Windows or Unix-like operating systems.

Expertise in any of the following:

  • Ubuntu and Linux
  • Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
  • Configuring and managing OpenVPN
  • Deploying and managing hundreds of machines with Ansible 
  • Managing VMs, containers, and services on OpenStack 
  • Managing Clusters, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, Ceph 
  • Building reliable systems over unreliable networks 


Our ideal candidate has a wide technical comfort zone with the ability to develop and operate Big Data software solutions.

Expertise in any of the following:

  • GitHub, Jira, Python, Confluence, CI/CD, Agile/Scrum
  • Developing machine learning, data mining and statistical or graph-based algorithms designed to fuze and analyze massive data sets
  • Developing, configuring and delivering COTS data solutions in support of enterprise security solutions
  • Exploratory data analysis and visualization

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We'd love to hear from you. Please connect with us for more information and inquiries about job opporunities.

Columbia, MD