Security Through Innovation
A collective of cross-functional professionals driven to solve technical challenges that threaten security.

system design and engineering

We take inventory of holistic security postures, identify areas for improvement, and design sophisticated infrastructure to help our clients achieve their ultimate security goals.

secure communications

Today’s interconnected environment demands a strong, secure communications plan. Ncyber develops state-of-the-art communications products and deployment strategies. We understand the threats, and know the mitigations.

research and development

Hard problems require innovative solutions. We constantly explore new ways to equip our clients with advanced technology needed for the future.

data science

While others search for the needle in the proverbial haystack, our data scientists are tasked with finding the sharpest needle in a pile of needles. We work with unique, multi-faceted datasets and extract meaning that drives actionable decisions and outcomes.


The work we do is extremely challenging and rewarding – fitting for those who prefer to be busy and constructive. Ncyber employees are talented and engaging, our office is beautiful, and our benefits are top-notch. Our client base and related tasking are unique to us, setting us apart from all tech companies in our industry.

If you want something different and think you have what it takes, contact us.


Ncyber offers internships throughout the year tailored to fit each individual. Our projects are designed to complement and push your skill set while seamlessly merging with our current development and product standards.

We are always looking for talented people who are excited to take the next step in their career. Our focus when designing internships is to offer top-notch technical exposure, and provide a window into our casual professional environment.

We look for the same drive, curiosity, and collaborative spirit in intern candidates that we have in our staff – the goal being for a positive outcome on both sides. If you want a fulfilling experience that fuels and inspires your career path, apply today!

Benefits + Perks

your voice matters

Within our teams, every concept is considered and heard. We strive to curate an environment where you feel feel at home and empowered to explore your ideas.

peaceful work environment

While the suite has a number of collaborative spaces (including a gaming corner), our employees work in single offices with windows, enabling privacy without feeling isolated.

fitness center

Top quality private gym access (including Peloton Digital Studio virtual classes) only steps away from our office. Just outside the gym is a mid-century modern lounge, shuffle board, and nitro cold brew on tap.

laundry service

Complimentary wash and fold service every week, because we value your time, and the mundane things matter.

sponsored fun

Not to be confused with Mandatory Fun! Making time to break away from our desks to re-energize has enriched our team relationships. We’ve made great memories together with sailing trips, go karts, winery days, holiday parties, etc. 


We believe work should support a happy home life. Our hours are flexible and we encourage hybrid schedules (with an opportunity for 100% remote work).

free lunches

We don't let anyone go hungry! Weekly meals and a fully stocked kitchen are provided to sustain you at the office.

professional development

Our employees have an ongoing opportunity to seek out additional education pertaining to their position. Reimbursement is available for accredited coursework, technical courses, and professional conferences.


Central to Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, we are located in an area with easy access to daily amenities, historical attractions, unique restaurants, and entertainment.

HSA contributions

For high deductible medical plans, Ncyber covers a large portion of the deductible as a free HSA contribution.

401k plan

Ncyber contributes to employee retirement planning by offering an immediately-vested 401k plan with employer matching.

competitive benefits

Our benefits package is structured to outshine the rest! We provide additional perks, like bonus days off and employee anniversary gifts.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. Please connect with us for more information and inquiries about job opportunities.

Columbia, MD 21046
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